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Magneto by GlennCroft

Firstly, for a graphic novel style comic approach, your skills have high marks and I would say that this is the best Magneto I have see...

Priest by SIRE-N

Firstly let me say why I think the piece works as there is only one minor element that I would personally alter for more impact: Diagon...

If you would like a critique, do not hesitate to ask. It is impetus to combat my inherent laziness, so you do me a favor and perhaps I return it.


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For the most part I fav things I find that amaze me, but moving me is often good enough. Speckled in there are resources and the like. Some of this art is, in my universe at least, right there with the Masters.

If you could only pursue one facet of life which of these would it be? 

4 deviants said Knowledge
1 deviant said Love
No deviants said Fame
No deviants said Wealth
No deviants said Influence
No deviants said Sexuality
No deviants said Spirituality
No deviants said Community
No deviants said Justice
No deviants said Evil



Judd Hirsch, Yes, Judd Hirsch. by revscrj
Judd Hirsch, Yes, Judd Hirsch.
  For those of you that may not yet 'get' the big deal about fractal math and why it is so important or those that see it only as a way to make pretty picture with overly verbose descriptions I would say that there is a natural order to the sequential overlay of patterns atop eachother, a moire effect, that is the cause of life and the cause of entropy moving moun and mountain alike- but this would come across like so much penned perfume that any dolt with a thesaurus and one finger to click submit could say, trust me, I often am that dolt... saddly no thesaurus.... INSTEAD perhaps a small but cosmically demonstrative example will bring the message home.

  There used to be a T.V. series called "Taxi" it launched the careers of several people- Andy Kauffman and Christopher Loyd, to name but two.  The primary Protagonist was Alex Reiger, played by Judd Hirsch.  During the first season he occasionally wore a leather 'cabbie' hat.  The above fractal is a profile of Judd wearing said hat....

  Here I would like you to consider:  In a formula of only 30 or so characters, made by a non-mathematition, in a deeply buried incredibly tiny detail, there lay the visage of an actor in his youth, who is quite old now, not just waiting to be discovered but WAS actually discovered and recognized- certainly the odds of this are astronomical, but pondering that is old hat; instead think of how many things that, due to my lack of focus or depth of study, did not recognize en route to finding Judd Hirsch of 20 years ago, depicted as the character he played Alex Reiger....  

  I found it because there is that much to be found.
Enlightened Dog by revscrj
Enlightened Dog
It was occasionally asked of a young Buddhist initiate to contemplate the answer to the question "Does a dog have Buddha sense?"  The student will then proceed to meditate on the question in order to completely and cohesively get a grasp of essence and ramification of the question in order to find an answer.  The answer is, in English, "Duh."  All things that live have an elemental Buddha sense, or connection to the order of things. This question is a Koan, or a device that stimulates a process whose workings are by far more valuable than the outcome of those workings.  The initiate was never really supposed to have 'found the 'answer' but instead 'discovered the process of finding answers'... but I have always wondered, if the dog has Buddha sense, then doesn't it follow the dog can gain enlightenment as well.  What would such a dog be like, would one even be able to tell the difference between a dog caught in samsara and one who has let go of the bindings?  It is this sort of thinking that makes masters of zen want to slap me.
Feeding the Young by revscrj
Feeding the Young
They say that life is a constant struggle for survival.  That its an up hill climb the whole way with barely a moment of time to rest before a surge of inertia in physic gets it nips in en masse and tries to drag you down.  Stop for a moment and consider the mother.  Any mother that provides for its young, of any species.  There you see a double strike against the organism, there you see a creature walking that up hill road for more than just itself.  For humans.... consider the pre-tribal human... 9 months of gestation in days in which there were still sabretoothed tigers and unimaginably wild grown other predators.  Then after the grueling 9 months another 3 to 4 years of dependence.  Think on that.  

How the hell did we make it this far?
Made with Tierrazon, My own formula
Lonely Troll by revscrj
Lonely Troll
Pour lost soul out into the ink
so your stink seeps
into other people's griefs.
It will bring you no relief
you are a sad
solitary beast whose heart beats
without ever knowing peace.

For that: pity.
For the rest: nothing.
I do not feed your kind.
The Heart of The Equation by revscrj
The Heart of The Equation all about contrasting elements coming together to form sensible pattern where there is no tangible satisfactory reason that they should. all about unrelated symphonies, unaware of eachother, in proximity creating a third piece that is complete and complimentary to the others.

Mostly though, the heart of the equation is about a slight off center wobble that topples the formula forward, a trick of remainder and repeating decimal that ensures another sum will come on the heels of the one that is now as now came upon the one before.  That moire shudder is the utterance of life at its very heart.
  There is a shape to the universe- a form inherent in all things that move through time-space.  It exists in the literal physical shape of trees to the way that a new piece of slang becomes accepted as a proper piece of language, or the difficulty curve in how a new skill is learned.  This shape can illustrate the life of stars and the shedding of subatomic particles from radioactive dust, it can explain apathy and demonstrate the power of small acts.  It is a cascade and inescapable.

  It starts so simple that it is practically not worth the mention for example, if one were learning guitar: quality = calloses + total-time-played, callouses = amount-of-play-time-possible, but play-time = pain * time-now-playing and yet play-time = callouses + callouses/pain.  This creates a loop where the more you play the more you hurt, but the more you hurt the longer you can play, the longer you play the greater the quality of your playing.  So you see why one must suck at something or hurt by it before the equation begins to show its exponential growth.   

  It starts so simple and yet that math (and know: math is a language just like English and that is all it is) can be applied everywhere.  The complexity of one formula overlaps into another forming a harmonic distortion and syncronicity, or epiphany, or growth spurt or [insert 'leveling' variable here].  Where there is movement through time there is the form of this at work.  In the electron shell's probability fields there is the demonstration of its fingerprint.

  It starts so simple, a fractal: just a few letters, some punctuation marks, and a number or two. Then this simplicity it repeated over and over to determine specks of color, causing lines of motion, building structures of beautiful complexities and unexpected recognizable familiarity.  When I work on fractals I witness a reaffirmation of the sacred order to thing, but not like a monk who sacrifices and flagellates but like someone who just got new glasses and is overjoyed because they didnt realize there was so much to see everywhere.

  It starts so simple, and speaks so much.  THIS is 'why fractals'.

For anyone interested I recommend these FREE builders:

Mandelbulb 3d
and Jwildfire

-I can't promise you will see life changing visions from using them, but if it helps: before I used the above I really hated math....

PS: this is the closest thing to a software promotion I have ever done :)
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